Lower Manhattan

This was my first time to Lower Manhattan. This photos where taken the same day we went to Staten Ellis and Liberty Island since everything is just around the corner there. I just did another post to talk about the surrounding buildings and places like The World War II Memorial and The Towers. I managed to take a panoramic of the World War II Memorial shot of it so that it would fit in one photo. The eagle is also part of the memorial. Then you will see The Sphere Sculpture by German  sculptor  Fritz Koenig, I totally recommend you to read the story of The Sphere and how it got there. It is really touching. 
This is all located near Battery Park area. There is also the Federal Office Building which is actually a US Post Office and well some federal offices. It is massive and takes you back to all the 1920-30 era. Another interesting building was the American Stock Exchange building. Equally massive and with the same feeling of the Federal Office Building. All this photos are around what we used to know like the Twin Towers area now known as Four World Trade Center. The last photos are the new towers or well the construction of the towers actually and buildings around it. 
We passed by a “museum” of the Twin Towers where you can get information and watch some videos about the after effects and such. The place was closed cause it was late. While we where having lunch/dinner at the TGI Fridays I was wondering what would have been to be around that place they day of 9/11. I guess that even today they are like “afraid” or wondering if something like that can happen again. It happened without warning. It was just “another” day in the city. It was just a random idea. 
It is interesting all the things you can find in New York City. It is sad that even the people that live there are so busy they never get to explore it. I have been to New York a lot of times since my family lives there but I’ve never visited so many places like we did this time. Maybe because we are older now and can go wherever we like to go and keep walking down the street. But besides all the shopping and shows to see the city itself is amazing and a great place to walk around and enjoy.

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