American Museum of Natural History

Yes! Finally went to this museum. So happy. Totally felt like a kid again.  The American Museum of Natural History is big. It haves 4 floors so if you want to see everything you have to do it fast like I did. Grab a map and a pen and mark where you have been (yes! there is an app for the museum too if you have iPhone). Every floors is like a maze so you might feel lost at some point (I know I did). If you are not in a hurry like I was sit down and enjoy. There is a lot of things going on.

If you watched the movies Night at the Museum you will totally laugh every time you see an icon of the museum that was represented on the movie. And let me tell you that the idea of using a real museum to film and build a story around it really works. I saw the Tiki head, the bear I couldn’t see it cause it was closed. I saw the Indians and the Romans. It was all spot on. The dinosaurs have a whole floor to themselves so yes it is that cool. The blue wale on the Hall of Ocean Life is AMAZING. I wanted to take photos but it was too dark. Still it is quite impressive so don’t miss it.

 I wont go describing everything cause it is a lot to see and enjoy but if you can visit do so and if you have kids take them with you. Make it a whole month project go every Saturday or once a month they will surely appreciate it. I think that even paying around is better than wasting it in another toy they probably don’t need. Be ready to get tired and to walk around people and move from photo shootings.

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