Last Sunday I went to Abracadabra Cafe with my sister. She was hungry it was already after 12PM and we did had breakfast so we went to brunch. It was perfect. The service is good. Yes you have to wait since they make the food as you order it but it is worth the wait. besides the ambiance and the whole place is full of interesting things to talk about so the waiting time will become none. And by the way why are people in such a hurry to be served if you are in a hurry just go to any food chain place that is their purpose and why they are called fast food… in the end. 

Anyways the place is awesome. Great music full of people moving around very alive. I noticed they have happy hours and jazz days too. Also after following them on instagram (@abracadabracafe) they are open for different agendas. Yesterday they had like a fashion show too.
 Since it was our first time there we had no idea what to order. They have a lot of plates (french toasts, sandwiches, scrambled eggs and even crepes). While we were deciding what to order it was crazy cause we saw all the services and we couldn’t just pick one of them they all look so tasty and yummy.  I also noticed the food is super healthy and fresh (fruits and salads). But at the end and after talking to one of the employees we decided on the Croque Madame. It was perfect. A sandwich with an egg on top some salad on the side, glorious strong coffee and passion fruit juice. Yes it was perfect. 
I am looking forward to go again since a friend said their brownies are even better than the ones Godiva sell and that is enough good reference for me. A little tip when you go there DO NOT go in a hurry cause you wont be able to enjoy the awesomeness of the place and embrace the whole experience. I honestly felt like I traveled far away almost to France. It is such an awesome place full of magic, cute bunnies on the walls and little details here and there. A little theater with great music where you can eat and have a great time with your friends while you have an excellent brunch.

For more info and stay updated on Abracadabra Cafe visit their website our follow them on twitter or facebook.

Croque Madame

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