Tapestry and Sewing

Last month I started taking sewing and tapestry class. So excited. I finally did a cushion/pillow with the help of a sewing machine and I also got to put a zipper on it. It might seem not that important or cool but it is for me so I had an internal party when i finished it. It looked good and the professor liked it. Had to sew one side twice cause I didn’t put the sewing machine foot thingy down and it messed up but it is all part of the learning experience. 
The cushion was for my tapestry class and next week or well this week we are doing a cornice. Finally get to do some wood cutting. I am taking this class (tapestry) with my dad. He is so excited and happy we end up in Home Depot after each class and everything. Here is a side note… the class is really loud bunch of old people retired and bored in their houses are taking this class. After two classes I learned that people never grow up they just get older. They still think they are in high school. 
For the sewing class we are doing lovely aprons. I wanted to buy a cool fabric but I didn’t had time so I just took an old Tommy Hilfiger bed sheet I had and used it for it. The fabric is a plaid pattern of blue and red. There is a little story to that bed sheet (no not that kind of story just in case). It was one of the first thing I bought when I started working ages ago. So I was really happy when I was able to buy something I wanted without caring too much of the price cause I could afford it. Maybe for others it wasn’t that expensive but for me it was ($17 the bed sheet alone when I can get the whole set for that…) It is even quite emotional. I will put an update with photos when I finish the whole apron thing.

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