Apron… finished.

I am taking sewing class since the month of august. Our first project was to make an apron. I already informed about this in case you didn’t knew I am writing this again. Anyways I used an old bed sheet I had. It is a plaid pattern made of blue and red lines. 

Since the dominant color is blue I decided to make the details in red (buttons and the pockets) so it gets a little of attention. The professor let us do whatever we wanted with the aprons. So I made mine different. I feel really proud and happy cause I was able to do the “vivo” (piping in sewing terms) from scratch them I sew the whole thing. It looked wonderful.

After that is was all about the details. To close the apron on the back I decided to use velcro instead of the strings. I think it is more practical. Later on I added all the buttons (which where black and I painted them red) and the felt on the pockets so you can actually see the pockets. 

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