Samgyetang (삼계탕)

Samgyetang (삼계탕) is just a “basic” Korean chicken soup named Ginseng Chicken Soup. I have seen this in some many dramas and all the celebrities always mention it at some time. I remember I the first time I read the ingredients and saw ginseng chicken I was like -ouh ginseng that’s something different-. Well i kept looking and found it it is quite simple to make. Among the recipes i found I decided to go with this one from -she even haves a video- The whole cooking process takes about an hour.
Note I didn’t had the ginseng so I used ginger (lol!) I couldn’t find the jujubes and I added a few flavors like red pepper flakes but not a lot since I can’t handle too much spice. Also I didn’t have the sweet rice so I used regular rice but didn’t soak it for an hour like the recipe says and I regret it BIG time. So just do it. In other words I did what I could with what I had. But I’ll try to get all the exact materials for the next time.
This is the stuffed Cornish hen. Garlic, green onions and ginger (yes I used ginger)

Ready for the stove

Just after taking it out from the stove. It opens easily and the meat is really juicy.

Since I didn’t soak the rice after it was done I removed the hen and put the rice back on the stove alone for 5 minutes and it was all good. The flavors of the garlic and ginger combined with the red pepper flakes was awesome.

3 thoughts on “Samgyetang (삼계탕)

  1. yuck! That was what i thought when i looked at the foods but now, i am okay with it although i would never eat! you're from china/japan and i respect that.

  2. oh, sorry! sorry, sorry, sorry! didn't look at the post but just the foods…..i guess the overall effect is what doesn't look good and the first pic too but i guess the other two looked like it was ''eatable''

  3. Hi! I am not from China/Japan. I just like trying new things. I'm from Puerto Rico. The food is really good. Still i want to taste the real Samgyetang with gingseng roots and jujubes. Anyways thanks for commenting.

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