Answer Me 1997

I hardly every do Korean Drama reviews or post here but I just feel like I’ve to do one of this drama. The drama is called Answer Me 1997 (16 episodes) (Also known as Reply 1997 or Answer to 1997). I’ve seen a lot of Korean Dramas by now (here is the list) and I’ve to admit that this is one of the best dramas this year. It touched me on a personal level as a KPop fan. It does have romance but is not over charged of cute parts or a really tragic plot. This is all about the process of KPop history in the making people. Also watch the Making of Anwser 1997 -it was awesome- (I’ll try to no give a lot of spoilers)
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This drama is set on the 1997 when KPop started to get big in South Korea. It shows you the life and devotion of the fans live and all this KPop culture. The main character Sung ShiWon  is a devoted fan of H.O.T (the first KPop boy group that made it big they where under SM Entertainment) and the “wife” of Tony An. The story starts with Sung Shi Won in high school with her friends and “ends” with them on their high school class reunion in 2012. This drama also shows parts of the so called fan wars created from the popularity of H.OT. and Sechs Kies.
They mention so many groups from that time and also some of them appear on the drama. Also many other important artist from that time make cameo appearance through out the entire drama (check the full list on wikipedia). Tony An from H.O.T is played by himself on the drama they even used the car he had back then. One of the main characters Do Hak Chan is played by Eun Ji Won who was in real life the leader of Sechs Kies (his role also tells part of his real life). Some of the other groups mentioned are S.E.S.Baby V.O.X.ShinhwaFin.K.L and TVXQ
Best thing about this drama was that I was actually back on the end of 1990s. They did everything SPOT on. The clothing/brands trend, the technology even the hair styles. Everyone had a beeper… then they all had cellphone and tamagotchi. The computer and meeting people from the internet in real life. The image loading issues. VCR editing. I went back in time and wished I was into KPop back then. I cried and laugh a lot while watching this drama. It was pretty personal for me. It really took me back to those days and miss them. The romance relationships stories in the dramas was pretty well done. Not nauseating or boring. Also the family issues where well exposed and not over done. The whole cast was amazing so you are in for a few good surprises. twists and turns. Most of them been funny but there are also more serious issues… but I can’t give them all away. Really impress with the cast.
As a fan I am extremely happy with the drama. I saw myself on it even when I’ve not done half of what she did cause things for international fans are not that easy. Still it answered a lot of question like What to do after it is all “over”? The feeling of disbandment… many things that do makes a fan worry. People asks me Why you like them? Why you spend so much time looking for their information? What is the real deal? I hope that many people get to watch and enjoy this. If you want to know what is to be a fan of a Korean Pop group here you have a full explanation of the fans way of living. From the fights with your parents to the fights with your husband even the fights after the group doesn’t exist anymore. It shows the rest of the world that don’t understand what fans go trough and what fans are capable to do for the love of their fandom. I’m fan of B1A4 our fandom name is Bana. I will always be a proud Bana for the rest of my life. They own piece of my heart and I shall be there for them from now until forever. Bana Hwaiting!
Side note… Even when the groups disbanded their members are doing individual activities and their fans are still supporting them. Shinhwa is the longest active KPop group to date. They been active for 14 yrs. TVXQ is still active but then again it is one of the latest groups mentioned on the drama (2005 era). It was funny that the writers even included this “Why is SM still caring for H.O.T (the old guys) when they already have the new guys (TVXQ)” and it just reminded me about how I feel about the whole Super Junior and Exo K Exo M. (yes they are from SM Entertainment) Seems some things don’t ever change.

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