Oyasumi Goodnight & [1]

B1A4 spent the whole summer on their debut in Japan. They came out with 2 singles (Beautiful Target and Oyasumi Goodnight) and 1 full album which is titled [1]. This update is about Oyasumi Goodnight and [1]. Each of the albums (singles and full albums) had 3 versions. Beautiful Target Version 3 is sold out and I wont be able to buy it since there are no more copies available… same thing happen with the full album [1] Version B there is NONE available either. Total sold out.
Since I knew I couldn’t afford all the 9 copies of the summer release I just got all the regular versions of them. that way I wouldn’t feel way behind on having my full collection. You might be asking why have all the 9 albums… well every version is different. Some had new songs, dvds and goodies that the regular versions didn’t had. That’s why as a fan you want to have all of them.
Here are the photos of my albums. Yey! I was so happy when I opened them. Also today their 3rd Korean Mini Album “In the wind” comes out and I already pre-order it. It should be home for my birthday. It comes with the album, poster, photo card and the 82pages photo book. I’ve only seen the cover but I am really excited cause it looks EPIC. The guys from Rainbow Bus does awesome art work for them so I’m always looking forward to what they come up with.
[1] (full album, left) // Oyasumi Goodnight  (single, right)

Oyasumi Goodnight single (photo book and random photo card)

[1] full album (photo book and I got Baro’s photo card)
Japanese singles/album (Beautiful Target, Oyasumi Goddnight and [1])
B1A4 album collection (Korean & Japanese mini albums, singles and full albums)

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