Tried To Walk

I tried to walk but B1A4 didn’t let me. Why? Cause their new album is so awesome that I couldn’t just stand up keep up with life. Yes! It is that good. A total different look on the boys from head to toes. Jinyoung abandoned his wine red hair and came back with a jet black hair. Baro now haves cotton candy hair. Shinwoo CNU had brown hair with some blondish stripes on the sides but not anymore now he is back to black hair. Yey!
On this concept they really look older and grown up… they still young but they don’t look childish like on their other production. They are all wearing darker shades (blacks browns beiges strong black and white plaids and so on). Actually I am having a hard time with this comeback cause they all look so dashing and fresh. Their cover is far off from what we are used it. It actually haves a more natural look as you where walking around the forest while dreaming and you find this 5 gorgeous kids wondering around. Something along this lines.
The mini album haves 8 new songs (but 2 of them are instrumentals –걸어 본다 (Tried to Walk) (Inst.)  and the other one is –(Intro) In the Wind– therefore I’m not reviewing them). With that explained I shall tell you which songs for me are the best on the whole mini album as a whole for all audiences.

  • 걸어 본다 (Tried to Walk)
    Is Jinyoung’s work and he did an so well on this one. It is really different from what we are used to. The boys are more mature the whole lyric and composition about a heartbreak is great. You can actually noticed the guys have been working hard on their singing classes and studying hard. Totally paid off on this one. Do pay attention to the song. I will post the video at the end of the review.
  • Be My Girl
    Does things to me that I can’t explain. Jinyoung’s solo on this album and it is AMAZING. Never thought the sweet leader would come up with such a needy and wanting song. He really wants the girl as in craving her. Whole another concept for the guys which shows that in fact they are leaving their childhood behind and becoming adults. I can’t deal with the song. This song also features JeA from Brown Eyed Girls is the other part of the track that makes it work so wonderful. Very harmonious both of them and I would love to see a video of this just for the fun of it.
  • 뭐 할래요  (What you want to do) and In The Air 
    Are the “fun” songs that remind us of the happy and that B1A4 is known for. They will make you dance and “put your hands in the air and fall in the sky” believe me. Song for those moments when you need to cheer up. This two will do wonders whenever needed. 뭐 할래요  (What you want to do) features Shina-E from Humming Urban Stereo
Actually just listen to the whole album.. The other songs If… (너만 있으면) and 나쁜 짓 안 할게요 (Narr. (수지) Suzy of Miss A) (which for me is after the title song my PERSONAL favorite because Shinwoo sings a lot here. Totally biased I know) are good and you should not skip them when they are playing you will end up loving them.

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