Carrot Cake.

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I’m celebrating the holiday with some friends so we will be house hopping visiting them. Parents are out on vacation so it makes no sense to do a full dinner for 2, right? Since we are going to a friends house and my friend mom loves carrot cake I decided I would make one and give it to her for the whole dinner thing. It is the first time I do a carrot cake. 
I added 2 grated carrots. 1 tbs of cinnamon, 1/2 cup of raisins and 1/2 of pecans to a box of carrot cake mix with all the ingredients the box asks. The frosting is those that you buy on the super market so nothing special there. I did melted it on the microwave for around 10 sec and repeated until it got all liquid so I could spread it over the cake. Also I did some caramelized pecans with raisins and place it over the cake. Well here is the result.


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