Making and tracking lists.

Just wanted to share two sites I’ve been using a lot lately to keep lists of my dramas and movies. 
It is free and it allows you to do as many lists as you want of whatever you want. It is available for iPhone (wish it was available for android). It is quite good and simple to use. They also let you “customize” your profile with a background and changing the colors of your list just like if they where post its. You can also favorite other users lists and it haves a lot of other nice things on it so check it out.
I’m using it for my daily regular movies and dramas. You can find my lists at:

On is oriented to Asian dramas and movies (Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong). The good thing about this that it lets you keep track of what you are watching or have watched. You can set up the what you want to watch what you have on hold and what you started to watch but stopped watching. Also it lets you write reviews about the movies or dramas. You get to read other peoples reviews and comments as well so you can decide what you want to see or even recommend others any drama or movie.
You can find my profile at:

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