What’s happening? Revealed!

The day that everything started to unfold…. What’s happening? tracks and cover where revealed! And guess what after seen the cover and the names of the tracks we figured out… that What’s happening is the in fact the title of the album and obviously the title track. Still knowing all this didn’t answer our question. Here is the complete and final list of 5 songs what makes 이게무슨일이야 (What’s Happening?) their 4th Mini Album and also the cover.
1. 별빛의노래 (Starlight Song)
2. 이게무슨일이야 (What’s Happening?)
3. Yesterday 
4. Good Love
5. 몇 번을 (How many time)
About the cover of the album I’m really excited about it. Like I’ve never been before for an album cover. It just looks so much like them. Also it haves a lot of color and the whole concept is very nice. Rainbow Bus as always did an amazing work. They have been doing all B1A4 merchandise designs since their debut back in 2011 and they have done an amazing work since then. Always looking forward to what they come up with.
Notice that on the cover of this album there are five “creatures” each one of them represents one of the members and their colors… the same colors they have been using on all their promotions: Pink, Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow. Also the random words on the covers are snippets of the lyrics of the songs. I seriously can’t wait to get this album on my hands. The digital album will be available on May 6 and the physical album will be available after May 8 but you can pre-ordered it online. And here is another thing why I love buying Korean albums cause they come with a lot of fun stuff when you buy them. This time the album comes with a 88 pages photo book and a sheet of stickers of one of the members (random). Also when you go to the sites they also have the poster of the album as a package and you can get all that for a good price.

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