Akdong Musician… They made a wise decision!

This post actually started with the comment of a fellow KPoper1 (a boy DM) on a KPop group that we both frequently go  and share our kpop experiences and ideas…. here is his comment:

“Akdong Musician + YG Entertainment = EPICNESS!!! They made a wise decision!”
Now let me “warn you” this is just a quick look into this companies now and why I think that Akdong Musician actually didn’t had other option than YG Entertainment to sign with. I will later add more information on another post of at least Akdong Musician and the companies mentioned on the post. If you don’t know much about KPop and how entertainment companies work there you wont understand so.. with that said I will continue with the post…
My first reply to that comment was:
“well no one whats to go to SM for obvious reasons… they wont go to JYP because JYP is like not taking people in at all…. or perhaps they don’t want the JYP when their songs starts… or are not that sexy for JYP…. cause lately JYP is been all +19 and stuff (no complaining i like it….but they dont look like that) Woollim aint taking people now… working with making them stronger… they wont try with a young company cause that could be too “risky” so… OBVIOUSLY…. there is no other choice than to go with YG money and the name backs up for itself… no need rush… nothing new.. not surprised.”
To what another fellow KPoper2 (a girl AM) replied:
“Tambien couse AKDONG MUSICIAN does their own lyric writing and YG apoya mucho a sus artistas a que escriban sus canciones eso es algo que Lee Hi le gusto de la compañia y es algo que OBVIOUSLY le hiba a encantar a Akdong xD”
And she is totally right… still I wasnt surprised by their decision cause they don’t have another place to go that will care for their music and needs… after I added this long “comment” that made me just move it to my blog… and here we are… here you are reading it.
So that you have an ideao of who this Akdong Musician is I’m just going to copy paste the info offered by wikipedia… yeah…

Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션) is a South Korean duo, consisting of siblings Lee Chan-hyuk (이찬혁) and Lee Soo-hyun (이수현). They are known as the winners of the second installment of the K-pop Star series.

So… Why Akdong Musician didn’t have another choice than to sign with YG Entertainment… because right now it is the ONLY company that will take them in… Why?… because no other major company in Korea right now is “interested” on doing what the artists wishes to do… and cater to their musical needs… right now.
Therefore… that is why I wrote this extremly long “comment” explaining my “reasons” of why this wasn’t a surprise to me. In fact it was obvious with their sudden popularity without been signed they already did OST for dramas and CF for some brands. So it was a given.

I just hope that YG keeps their works like they have done all this years… if it goes like this it might eat up SM (hopefully) and start to develope a new model of company among companies that will make a path for the growing KPop industry that they open up more to care more about what the artist really wants to acheive rather than just making money. 

SM… SM Entertainment is a money making machine… no feeling about real music involved for me. I’m sure this is a very un popular opinion but their artist hardly ever write their own songs they are fed their songs. For been an old company by this time you expect they have given their artist more freedom but no… not happening. Still their artist are VERY talented but way too tied up to the company’s will. If YG keeps on going at this pace they could easily even with less artists than SM eat the whole SM money making concept up. And I hope they do. and like I said before make a new model for the new emarging entertainment companies.

Take their interest in other genres that are “forgotten/ignored” like KRock some KIndie and let them be… but make it available to more audiences… perhaps that could help spread KOREAN MUSIC in general not only KPOP… which I think is why people are still blocking Korean Music from everywhere cause they DON’T know about all the variety they have to offer. And even when YG haves HipHop on their books their HipHop is “too commercial or popsie” for other people… except for EpikHigh… but old Epik High was more “artistic”/”indie” when they where with “solo” not with YG… but yes YG gives them the support the strenght to move on… that is needed and YG doesnt mess with lyrics but Epik High should go back to their old albums revist them and get connected with that old feelings.

This BIG companies SM, JYP and YG need to get involved & invest in other genres of music… YG is the only one right now that is doing this. They recently got Lee Hi (I already mentioned her on a post here) and now with signing Akdong Musician they are in advantage to all the other two companies SM and JYP. Lee Hi is very young but her stile of music is Jazz, Soul and R&B with a hint of pop cause well she is 16 yrs old still so no reason to make her grow too fast that will happen with time and I’m really looking forward to it. 
Akdong Musician is fresh they can be label as been “Indie” cause they do everything on their own. They don’t need the guidance the songs the music they do all that… they just need good management and training on expanding the talents they already have. You know get the entertainment polish to shine more.YG also haves Epik High but I prefer the old Epik High that was more personal in your face with the lyrics… not their KPop is more HipHop with bubbles. Again unpopular opinion but it is entirely mine. Still they did well with their latest album after been away so long for a trillion of reasons. Also take note that they do produce for other artists on their label and those works are awesome. I just want to see them be more agressive and deep like before.

Korean groups are getting love calls from every where in the world it is changing KPop and that is good but all the other genres are suffering at some point because of the “bad name or label” that KPop haves of been all created and form just to make money… and this is a big problem that is not been addressed. This companies spend big money trying to hit it big out side Korea but overall in the United States and well people are just now getting interested sadly thanks to Psy who belongs to YG. The down point of this is that now everyone thinks that PSY = KPop and no. You should even check out Psy older works I mean the world found out about him on his 6th album… he ain’t new on this entertainment business you guys just found out late about him.

Korean music haves a lot of flavor and variety on their plate. This companies are just sticking to the younger generation taste and are missing on making the noonas, ahjussi, ahjummas and the rest of the world in falling in love with their groups. They have and get all the love from the youngsters but they money is realyy set on older audieces cause they can actually SPEND on the music and all the “fandom” craziness or maybe not the fandom but at least attending to the concert and buying the whole albums. You might think that their album sales go around 5million to 10 million according to the ammount of people that lives in Korea (50 Million population) but no the top selling album according to 2012 Hanteo Chart sold less than 179,000 copies last year. It is really shocking. So they have to target more people to make this work out and KPop or Korean music in general get noticed outside Korea.

Why Akdong Musician can’t sign with JYP…. 

JYP needs to get his shit together… with out 2PM right now they would be sinking… STILL they are a good ACADEMY for new idols. But their groups Miss A & BrownEyeGirls need attention and a new spark…motive… it is sad that Suzy is making money only with CF… the rest of the groups are doing TV wich is good but I know they want to sing and do more stuff. Also BEG girls are doing their own thing solo and collabs but they should get together soon. >> edited…. Ok Daniel Montalvo just told me BEG are not JYP so they are from Nega Network and they anyways need to get their shit together and bring them but they are busy with their “rookies” and Lunafly so… good and bad… at the same time… (lol)

JYP is a mine for rookie making and polishing them… but lately their groups are on hold. 2PM just made their comeback after 2 years… man why didn’t they end up doing military service on that period. Think about it two years on hiatus (for various reasons) you just comeback they guys are studying but you still have to take two years out AGAIN to do your military service. What is going to happen to this group? On and Off again and again. I know that there wasn’t a lot of option thanks to whatever happen but think about it. 
Also Miss A had an album last year but it wasn’t HUGE thing or noticed. They didn’t performed in a lot of local concerts they did whent around Asia but nothing back home. Suzy did dramas and got crowned queen of the CF but besides that Miss A did nothing. Min Jia and Fei where here and there on hiatus. WHY? why have all that talent on hold or on hiatus? Put them to do collabs or make a subunit that are in trend now days. 2AM also had their spotlight and they shined in Korean and Japan while 2PM was nothing but freezing on the corner. Wooyoung did some heating and his own but also got a little burned.
All this sudden sexiness makes JYP the company more oriented to older +19 fans. Miss A Suzy is a grown up now… so look forward to her SEXIER image coming soon. Appa JYP did a +19 concert…and did you guys saw the 2PM video for ADTOY… that just makes my point, for me is all justified and needed after 2 years hiatus but besides that what else does JYP has? Nothing. So no point for Akdong Musician signing with them JYP doesn’t suite their cute but indie image concept… at all. JYP just stick to producing artists and training them or make your groups work. 

SM will always be SM… so that wont change and they dont have to change they have enough artists that can last for a life time…but again they leave behind Shinee, F(x) and Exo most of the time..ALSO… they should work up more the sub units cause with leeteuk and yesung out… it’s gonna be a “hole”… and put Henry and Zhou Mi to work… more often bring them to korea or something… expose them I would love to see more of them. They kind of have too much on their plate to concentrate… from those 3 groups the one that needs tender loving care is F(x) which are on hiatus most of the time. Exo finally came back… and Shinee have resurected after the doritos…so yeah…

Where to start with SM they have a lot of people but don’t quite give them all the love they deserve at least not frequently. They don’t give their artist the freedom to do as they wish on their music they are still doing everything for them Feeding their styles and concept. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t like with everything.They had their latest project on hold for like a year and finally brought them back from EXO planet on vacations to earth. They will be arriving soong. But now F(x) is on hiatus with no date soon for a comeback so they are up the shelve once again. 
SuJu is well SuJu. They had Shinee hidden for a long time until Sherlock found them and took off the dust and make them find clues and notes also went to Japan looking for more clues on why they where on the shelves for so long. Minho did dramas along with that so people got to see them often. BoA cameback but is now hiding again on a TV show. She just took a walk with Taemin and Younique after that. SM boxes every where again and again. TVXQ wanted everyone to catch them and they did well on the sales people did catch them cause they wanted also they becamse humanoids… is that even possible with SM been your owner? It is. 
SM is alive because this groups have faithful fans that don’t pay attention to SM stupidity. I just wished SM where more flexible. SNSD did a lot of stuff last year. Still NONE of this “achievements” match up to Akdong Musician needs… they just DO NOT fit in SM boxes at all. SM is not willing to let their artist think and do stuff on their own. So sad they should let them do their stuff I’m sure they will be surprised. And gain respect from the fans that love their groups but hate the company. Who wants to be there… been new and free? No one… so Akdong Musician again makes no sense on going with SM.

Woollim is working up with Infinite, NELL and the sub units. Really targeting different audiences… Infinite KPop Nell KRock Indie… and mashing them up in the productions… is awesome

Woollim is still “young” growing up and they have Infinite and Nell working hard on totally different audiences. Infinite is all KPop on you… but Nell is all Korean rock and indie… they united both things and created an album but the audience didn’t enjoyed the fusion. But that haves a reason too… 
As to why Akdong Musician doesnt fit in W0ollim even when they are flexible on their likes and they could fit here very well cause Woollim doesn’t mess up with lyrics or the artists wishes (example Nell).. the reason is that this company is still “young” and Akdong Musician is just too popular already. Besides… I’m sure Woollim is not interested on getting more people on their boat for now.
As to why the mix of Infinite (Sungkyu) and Nell didn’t work…

….but then again thats why Infinite leader album wasn’t so big or a hit like they expected even when it did good. take note 60secs… leader version and 60sec Infinite version… same song…  I’m sure infinite version got more attention… just because it is KPOP and it it haves a dance and all that… so yeah they need work this and make KPOP fans see above KPOP in order to make the solo albums work… cuase this year many solo albums from artists that belong to groups didn’t make it just because they didn’t match the expectation of the KPop public that expected it would be the same thing that they do on the group and well no… many of this kids have a mind of their own and are influenced not always by KPop but by hip hop, r&b, international music etc… so when they do their solo albums they want to explore that but people don’t want them to explore that they just want them to sing KPop type songs full of dance and auto tune and superly arranged songs….

Like I said on this paragraph the reason why it didn’t work solo for SungKyu is because people were not ready for all the awesomeness that album was. The audience is too young. They had the wrong audience as target. Perhaps if they expanded their audience to a more adult one it would have done a lot better. I bet the fans even when most of them supported the album most of them didn’t felt it. They still want the bubbly KPop ringing on their ears.  Perhaps thats why the album wasn’t taken seriously and people ignored it “Oh it is just another attempt to make a solo artist… it wont work cause it is Kpop they only work out as a group” That is what many people think and don’t even care about the songs. And that is sad cause that album showed a side of the artist appart from all the KPop world. 
This brings another question to the table… Does this mean we don’t accept the artists true self or feelings and we just go and buy what the company creates? I mentioned the song 60secs which was part of Sungkyu album and main track… the song is awesome but it was more loved when the whole Infinite performed it with dance and all. Same song different effects. WHY? The mind of the buyer is already fixed to think in group and not solo. The song is pretty intimate and personal.. but they liked it performed as a dancing track not as a pop ballad that makes your heart wonder of 60 secs.
So there you have it WHY Akdong Musician signing with YG was obvious and actually the only choice they had. There is no other place for them to go. So carry on Akdong Musician have fun with your new family.

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