B1A4, Shogo Yagani & Yuka Chocomoo are all involded in a Fake Tokyo.

Today I found out about Yuka Chocomoo in the weirdest way possible. CNU and Baro took some photos here and here at this event called “Candy Pop-Up Shop Opening Party” seems it is a pop-up show (which are infact like on trend nowadays). I found information on all the parts and people on the photos so I’m going to talk about them in order. Did some research. Yey internet.

Anyways Candy (the pop-up shop) is a Japanese shop that along with Sister another Japanese shop are part of FakeTokyo.com another… shop/brand. FakeTokyo is runned by a guy named Shogo Yagani (Yaga). Yaga is from Shibuya, Tokyo. This is Mr. Shogo Yagani.

meet Shogo Yagani (Yaga)
Back to the story… Shogo Yagani is doing this pop-up shop in Korea to promote his shop Candy. I am sure that via his shops Candy & Sister he has provided clothing and accesories to many… many coordi-noonas and therefore Korean idols. So he is part of what is hot and trendy right now in Asia. If an idol haves it every one wants it. But they are fun and unique items so it is all good in the fashion industry. Thats why B1A4 was at the event. Even BoA said hi at their pop-up in Gangnam with her crew to support them. They are part of this trendy fashion that is moving along Asia that is actually born in Japan. You can read about FakeTokyo here(Shogo Yagani photo was taken from here also check candy’s twitter & instagram)
Now lets bring in Yuka Chocomoo to the equation. She took photos with the boys at the event… but what was her roll there? Entertainment… artistic entertainment. Chocomoo is a Japanese illustrator whom is currently exposing her work in Manhattan, NY. I went through her instagram account after following her and she even haves a photo with artist/photographer JR (he is french). JR works are awesome, unique and enormous. You can check that via his instagram (where I found about him worth the following). So with that said she is getting quite popular not only in Japan but overseas.
meet Yuka Chocomoo (Yuk@)
After looking to some of her illustrations it was more than clear to my why the boys had to be there besides all the promotion and support to the brand. Her illustration style is just the same of their latest album and comeback concept. They where influenced by her art along with Shogo Yagani fashion sense. B1A4 spent a lot of time in Japan last year and since they debuted they have been wearing top young and unique brands from Japan. 
Her illustrations are black and white (haven’t seen anything in color from all the photos I saw on her blog. She uses free hand illustrations nothing is done by mold just at the moment and fill the white space with a lot of detail. Which is something that I love doing. You can see a little of Basquiat there. Also bold lines nothing straight all turned and round with text all over sending a hidden messages along the illustration. After seen her works I kind of fell in love with it and I’m looking forward to see more of her works.
She was featured a few days ago in the website/magazine called the Quiet Lunch and they made an article  about her exposition at New York here. If you want to know more about here you can visit her blog which is full of her amazing artworks, clothing, collaborations with other artists and her works with different magazines. To stay updated on her right here right now issues and movements go to her twitter or instagram.
Hope you nejoyed this post and the photos. (photos taken from QuietLunch and Sweetstreetla)

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