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I post it to the wrong account lol but yes @Reavel is now on vine too.Now I just can repeat this awesome moment. 



Its been a long while since I blog about my cat. So for those that have been following the Söndag story since the begining thanks and here are some of her new pictures. I just love her. I think that it is one of the best things that I have in my life right now. Best founder keeper ever in my life.

IMG_4958 IMG_4950

Paw Print Pattern?

Note to self: Do not leave the paint tray un-attended NEVER EVER… when you have pets. Little Miss Muffin… Sondag my kitty just made me remember this last night.

I painted the wall then let the paint to dry on the tray that way when it gets all dried i can remove it easily and dont wast a water taking it off. I left the tray on the bed I’m sleeping in and totally forgot that Sondag was walking around the house. Then when I was getting ready to sleep I pick up the tray from the bed and saw her paw print inside the tray I look further and I see this blue trail all over the fitted on the bed.

I got a little angry but I can’t blame her it was totally my fault to leave the tray there so this mistake was on my fault not hers. She also walked around another matress I have on that room it haves all her pawprints all over. Gotta Love her. I bet she still haves her paw all painted she didn’t let me remove the paint. I guess she just wanted to help me out.


Phones, Twitter, Pets and Me.

I will talk about some subjects like twitter, phones and pets. Yes they all have something in common.. that is me.

  1. Twitter DOS & naps
    Yesterday as we all now know twitter went down of service for some hours. I dont know how many but some say that two hours. Anyways that aint important. The thing is that I never ever in my life have taken a nap. Well maybe when I was back in kindergarden i did took naps. Never been a nap person I should but no I am not. So what to do when twitter is down… nap. Yes I took a nap. I just noticed that Söndag was sleeping on mah bed [as always] and I decided to join her and I crashed there. Then when I woke up I was proud of myself I just had a nap. It felt great. I hope twitter crashes more often so it gets me on the getting a nap mode again.

    I know it shouldn’t take twitter to fail for me to take a nap but it worked. People on the networks went crazy trying to log in to twitter. It was like mayhem even the news reported this like a breaking news. A couple of months ago NO ONE cared about twitter but celebrities rolled in and now everyone haves one. All the twitter applications didnt even worked. It was like many said the end of the world. That is even hilarious. Just because twitter went down people went crazy I don’t even want to imagine them when on a real crisis. Geez.. ! Makes you wonder of the human capability to survive now days.

  2.  Ouh! the price of staying connected.
    To make things “worst” my mobile phone screen aint working. I own a HTC Touch that for a few days was giving me “problems” with the screen but yesterday it totally stopped working. Now I have to go to Sprint and see what they can do for mah mobile phone. I am paying the guarantee thing but I think that they will drop the refurbished crap all over this issue. Meaning I might have to spend $50 – $75 that I could totally use on my next week vacations. Ouh! the price of staying connected.

    Also my dad tried to “fix” the phone line of the house but he just messed it up. Now the wireless phone dont work. We have an old phone so that is our salvation but I cant hear it so I made the proper calls to the people that actually need to know about the ruin line and told them to call mah sister in case of an emergency cause with no house phone or mobile phone I like cant be reached. Ouh! the price of staying connected.

  3. Pet Vactions, Expences & Hotels.
    Jet Blue and all the major airlines charge $100 taking your pet with your each way. You also have to take some important papers with you. Go to your vet doc tell him you are traveling with your pet and he will do the honors of making that possible. I cant afford that shit. Cool! Well I was about to leave my baby alone by herself. But now thanks to my beloved grandmother that offered to pay her stay if a found a good place. God I always loved her and I never expected of her to do this for me but it seems that she loves Söndag too much. That makes me happy and sad at the same time. Grandma had a dog named Chispi and he died on an car accident. Someone killed him. So I think that is why she is so attached to her.

    Anyways I found a good place near my home. It is called Clinica Veterinaria Villamar in Isla Verde. They will charge me $10 the night and I have to bring her food. I will be out for 16 days so it will be $160 her stay. Which it might seem not so different but if you think about it you will see it is a huge difference. Travel was $100 each way and I’ve to buy food, litter, etc so in total it could turn out to be like $300 easily. Hey you never know, right. Well thats the deal she is happy I am happy Grandma wont be worried so we hit the jackpot.

Traveling and Söndag

Its been a while since I posted something related to my beloved Söndag so this post is about her. I am leaving to US for vacations in a week. I will have to leave her all by herself on my house for two weeks. My sister will check up on her between days. Still I am so worried maybe for no reason but I think that she will miss me and well the people in the house. She spends most of the day alone but when I get back from work I always spend time with her. we play until she wants to go on her own.

I think she even knows/feel somehow that I am leaving soon or something cause this past few days she always meows me when I get home. She is actually demanding attention. Something she hardly ever does. Maybe cause she knows there will be someone around. She is always at the door waiting for me. Last night I even had to sleep with here until she went to her bed. She laid besides me resting over my arm and all. She havent done that in quite some time. I am really worried cause I think it is way too much time away from her.

I got her some water/food dispenser so she wont have problem with that. I wish that airlines didn’t charged that much for pets. It is an outrage. My ticket plane was even cheaper than a pet ticket. To ask for a $100 dollar ticket for each way? My whole trip ticket was $89 & $69 so you do the math. I didn’t believe that going on vacation while having a pet would be this hard. Honestly it is like having a kid. You want to make sure they are safe. It is kind of crazy, but you are trying to be responsible.

Anyways I was picking up my luggage and Söndag decided to jump in for a while. I miss her already. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Vacations? Really?

As you have noticed my last day of blogging was like a week ago, right? Well that is due to the fact that I’m on a week vacation with my family out of the area metro here. You know trying to do “turismo interno” help the economy etc…

While you are on vacation you try to go away have fun, rest, for long periods and enjoy the facilities. Yeah that is the ideal of a vacation. Last Friday we head up to the municipality of Isabela to a resort called Costa Dorada. Also check this link. I have been on Costa Dorada in other occasions but this one was the WORST ever.

Why I can say this?

  • The night we arrived here guess what we went to sleep turned on the A/C to beat the hot weather outside. But hey what happens at 1am the electricity goes down until like 10am in the morning. So sweet of them trying to help the environment, right? Umm, NO! Also the cupboard are all ruined too.
  • The glorious TV set. Yeah, that haves to work well, right? Well no.. the freaking remote control doesn’t even work well not even with new batteries. So much fun. It is analog but we have DirecTV but they only have Vh1, MTV and Starzs. Like a day ago the signal was fucked up all morning. It was fixed at 5pm. Thank You! We took our DVD player with us as always and found a RedBox video rental. They do have a video rental on the “pueblo” but it opens after 4pm and closes at 10pm. Besides we already had an issue with that on other visit we did some time ago.
  • Ouh the BlackWhole we have here is incredible we have to actually go outside the complex to make or receive an actual call. If you dare to do it from the room they will rip your pocket apart. So you are like in this modern cavern. Woohoo!
  • Internet. Yeah by this time in the century we are in you would guess that if this place is a tourist oriented place they should have a good internet service. Umm not quite. I have to go to the hotel lobby sit there and grab the unsecured signal that I get. Away from the lobby don’t even dream about it.  They say that “soon” they will have in all rooms… right! I think my sister and I even burned a plug with all the charge we put into it. They are all connected to one place it seems. You can see all the electric orange extensions “hidden” on the plants on the lobby.
  • The restaurant. It opens from Friday to Sunday. The rest of the week it is all missing in action. So If you want to eat something, drink something gather up there well you rather do it in your room from  Friday to Sunday.
  • To top all this “fine” accommodations I got sick, As I write this I’m burning in fever with the A/C off. I hardly get sick on my normal habitat. My spinal column is crying for my bed. Every morning I don’t even know how to get out of the bed. It hurts all over. The only one having a blast on this vacations is Sondag that wasn’t even supposed to be here at all.
You might think that I’m complaining way too much but I think that I can complain the stay here wasn’t for free and this is the Villa Area… soo get the picture? Then this company wonder why people aren’t staying on the local resorts and prefer to take an airplane go to any other place. I mean you can get any of this services for $60 a night in most Inns on US.

The presentation is also important. Chairs need new fabric. They need new lamps. The maids are cool humble NICE people and employees are good but, the actual complex needs to be redone like NOW! Put it more modern, up to date with tourist needs. That families actually want to spend time there and would go there again. They are running out of employees and one of them haves to do around 55 rooms [including the Villas] alone. The pool that is in front of me they only cleaned it like one day. They have a beach but read the small letters it is so dangerous they don’t recommend you to use it. At all.

I think this goes around other places in the Puerto Rico. You have to get yourself together Tourism Company and all the people covered by them. Then they go around saying and spreading to the world “Puerto Rico lo hace mejor” and honestly you can really do it better if you lower your staying prices and spend some money on remaking the place. You will see there will be people making lines to stay at your place. We don’t like to be compared but check this last year I went to Florida, US and stayed with great part of my family. We were like 15 including kids. We paied $600 for a week in a house that included a private pool, 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms, doble door garage it. I had 4 rooms 2 bathrooms on the second floor and 2 rooms / 2 bathrooms on the lower level, also a nice living room, dinner room and a great spacious kitchen w/ everything.

So it is up to the locals if they want to invert on their own business, help themselves, their employees and help out a little the economy. Make great webpages spend some money on them make them the visitor dream come true and keep it like that when they visit the place. That way they will give a good word for the place. Think about it.

That is all  have to say. Thanks!

BTW: I will post pics later on. I can’t get them out of the mobile phone. Meh!

Söndag’s First Year

Un dia como hoy hace un anho Söndag llego a mi patio. Desde ese momento hasta el dia de hoy pues no se fue. I confess that I used to hate cats. I found them pretty photogenic but it never crossed my mind to own one. Still when I saw her all alone on my backyard I felt like I couldn’t leave her there. I remember that I even blogged about her not knowing what to do with her.

Now I remember all the fuzz in the house about keeping her. All that I had to learn and still learning about how to work with cats it is definitely another world. It is a cat world with way too much fanatics or responsible owners. Even when my family didn’t want me to keep her they ended up loving her. Now they check up on her, buy her toys, play with her and they just learn to love her. My grandmother loves her and she just likes watching her play around the house with anything.

Im happy that I rescue her. There are plenty of sick cats around my street and if I didnt took care of her there would be plenty more of them in the future if she ever got pregnant. I took her to the vet for the first time in november last year. Yeah I know it is a long time but hey I had no clue if I was going to keep her for life. So the doctor told me that she was 7months old which means I got her when she was only 2 months.

I have seen her grow, get old, go thru phases just like kids. They get tantrums but even when all the work she have been a good cat. Never made a huge mess besides the hair thing. I wouldnt change a thing and I am really glad that I kept her. She is healthy, loved and been taken care of. Of course she have been spoiled, pampered in every way that I can. She is pretty active, playful and loves to hunt but above all she loves to sleep and sit by the window.

Now here are some photos of this years since I took her until now. You can see Söndag whole album on Flickr. She also haves a blog and a pretty “active social network life” haha.

Söndag's First Year