Happy 2nd Anniversary B1A4!


Lee Hi (이하이)

Meet Lee Hi (Lee Ha Yi / 이하이) the new kid on the block that is sweeping the music charts in South Korean on her own .just with her amazing voice and awesome tracks. I think it is the first time that I actually pay attention to a soloist rookie (they release one like every day over there so the battle is harsh).
A little info on Lee Hi. She is pretty young. She is only 16 and still attends high school at SOPA (School of Performing Arts in Seoul). She ended up been the runner-up on KPop Survival Star on April 29 2012 and after that she signed to YG Entertainment by no other than appa CEO Yang Hyun Suk
On October 28 2012 she debuted with the single 1, 2, 3, 4. Originally she was supposed to debut later on as part of a girl group Su Pearls that the company was building but that all got canceled after they saw Lee Hi full potential while she sweeping off the charts with her single. Now a few months later as a soloist she is back with her new first full album titled First Love. The promoted songs of this albums are It’s Over and Rose (both videos below). 
  • It’s Over was released on March 7 2012 as First Love Part 1 along with other songs. It is about a girl that gets tired of her bad boy… boyfriend and calls it quits with him. It is cute and you will see this HUGE -baby blue bad boy dancing- teddy bear that I think will become her icon logo for her increasing fandom. Totally cheesy video of Lee Hi been cute her age.
  • Rose was released on March 28 2012 as First Love Part 2 along with the rest songs of the album. Rose haves a completely different feel and mood. It is a calmed and painful warning… every rose has it thorns. She is requesting not to be love… because you might get hurt by the thorns of her love which she is comparing to a rose. Pretty emotional and gorgeous video. (my favorite from all so far).

I’ve to say that appa Yang Hyun Suk must be really happy with Lee Hi. he is spending lots of money on her.is treating her like the baby of the family. He does treat the rest equally but honestly she is the baby. Already gave her a new apartment so she can live with her mom closer to the company. This way she doesn’t have to travel from far away back and forth since it is near the YG studios. Her unnies from 2NE1 are taking good care of her and her oppas from Big Bang are watching everyone so no one messes up with the baby girl of the family.
I really hope she stays simple and keeps this type of style of jazz, R&B and soul for a long time. That is the reason why she stands out from the rest cause she is not your regular young KPop singer. The first time I heard her songs she reminded me of Duffy (from UK). I think that YG did well on making her a soloist cause other wise maybe we wouldn’t even know who she was. When you are part of a girl group things your voice sometimes fades away with the looks of other members.
I look forward to her career and hope she stays around for a long time. It’s gonna be hard to make her grow up in front of the media but I know that YG Entertainment will do it the right way. I am sure they will be over protective of their baby.


My Home…

A few years ago I was looking up for quotes related to home or house’cause I wanted to do something for my living room but not your regular Carry On poster or whatever. I found this awesome quote by Michel Eyquem de Montiagne and I knew it was the right one and that it could start a conversation with visitors. 
I’m not going to lie to you. I had no idea who Michel was but with google to the rescue as always I found out he is considered the father of essays… gladly I never had to do one but reading his bio he made a lot of changes to what essays used to be as a writing form and even after his works where published  he manage that people recognized it as a literary form. So yeah he did lots of interesting things back in 1580. He had an interesting life…and yes a lot of wars.

A Piece of Phantasmagoria

After looking all around the internet for this anime last night I finally found a good video with all the 15 episodes in Japanese with English subtitles.
 A Piece of Phantasmagoria is a 15 episodes series of 5min each. It tells the story of the towns and citizens that make Phantasmagoria a wonderful place. This anime was created by  Tamura Shigeru. It was released in 1995 but it is based on the illustration book published in 1989 by Kakuusha.

Below is the full anime and you can download it from there if you are interested in having this masterpiece on your collection. Enjoy!

The towel… is here.

1st BABA B1A4 Concert towel is here. Since I couldn’t attend B1A4 concert which was on December 8-9 2012 -for obvious reasons- I tried to at least buy one of the original concert goods online. What better than a the official cheering towel for the concert… right? I ordered it online (just right before they where out of stock -Yey!-) By the way most of the concert goods are already out of stock. Finally after waiting for like a month… it is here… so happy. Bana feels all over.
I tried to buy the one from the Japan concert but since I don’t live there I’m not able to buy. I think that is just ridiculous. But what can I do. Sigh. At least I got the one from Korea… right? And yes they do cheering towels for concerts or activities of the groups. Normally they have a pretty design related to the event or just the name/logo of the group on the front and on the back it includes the names of the members of the group -sometimes not all the times-

While she was sleeping.

Right after I wrote the post Thinking about my family and friends my sister was once again at the hospital. Therefore that is why my posting are very limited from December to January I only posted whenever I got to be home since I stayed with my sister at the hospital. I am just happy that she is doing fine now even when she still haves a surgery left. Hospitalization started on December 10 and ended January 3rd. The after been released she went back and spent a weekend.

She is at home getting better and ready for the next chapter. We are spending a lot of time together thing that we weren’t able to do for the past few years due to many reasons. Below I am gonna share some photos of the the time spent there. My sister spent Christmas alone and I got to spend New Year with her at the hospital. She also bought a house while been hospitalize. We also “traveled” to different hospital facilities and offices so it was quite an experience.