So I went downstairs to look up for water and my family was watching a movie on HBO. I didn’t knew what movie it was but while I was using the printer I actually got to pay attention to it and asked the name it seemed interesting. I started laughing because of the situation of the moment cause some of us have been there. 
The movie is named Catfish. It is about this guy that starts receiving paintings from a 8yr old girl named Abby. He ends up talking to the whole family and friends (Abby’s family) via facebook. He gets to know Abby’s older sister named Megan and he starts falling for Megan and keep a relationship over the internet since both live FAR away.  I saw until that point and it got me all interested.
So I went upstairs to actually watch the rest. I don’t know when it happen but he founds out some of the stuff Abby’s family is sharing with him doesn’t match so he starts tying knots. Then it gets a whole more interesting. I wont tell you anything else cause I would be a waste if you want to see the movie.
I found the movie really interesting and that is why I am writing this here. Even if it is fake or scripted (which I don’t think it is but who knows cause there are some rumors about it) I actually don’t care cause this things really happen. It wouldn’t be the first or last. It also makes you think about what you share or post on the internet. Sometimes we share personal stories we people we don’t even know just because we feel that we connected. There are many reasons to do so but still we should always be careful. I am grateful that most of the people I have met are good people that because real friends. Anyways watch it. You can find some info on the movie here and here.

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